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Special Education

Special Education

There are many resources available to parents that want to learn about the Special Education process.  Make sure to visit the DOE’s Special Education Portal  it has an invaluable amount of information, contacts and resources, including the Special Education Process page.

At PS 29 we offer a continuum of special education services. We have many students in general education classrooms that receive services either from a SETSS (Special Education Teacher Support Services) in a push-in or pull out model or from related service providers.

For questions about our special education program, parents should contact our school Social Worker,  Madeline Fischer or our school Psychologist, Sarah Guinney.

ICT (Integrated Co-Teaching)

  • ICT class on every grade, K-5.
  • Classrooms include students with and without disabilities and have two teachers, a general education teacher and a special education teacher.
  • Provides students with disabilities the opportunity to be educated alongside their non-disabled peers with the full-time support of a special education teacher throughout the day to assist in adapting and modifying instruction.
  • Integration works both ways. It gives the children that don’t have disabilities an opportunity to understand and accept those that are different from them. It teaches them empathy and consideration for others.

SETSS (Special Education Teacher Support Services)

  • Provided by Special Education Teacher who works directly with students in groups up to 8 and provide direct specially designed and/or supplemental instruction for students.
  • The special education teacher may adapt the subject matter (“modified curriculum”) and/ or use visual aids, highlighted work sheets, simplified directions, and other kinds of “modified instruction.”

Related Services

Related services are Special Education services that are provided in accordance to a student’s Individual Educational Program (IEP). The fundamental objective of related services is to help maximize a student’s ability to achieve their educational goals set forth on their IEP. The following Related Services are available:

  • Speech & Language Therapy – provides therapy to students who present with speech-language disorders that negatively affect their ability to access the general education curriculum.
  • Occupational Therapy – provides therapy to address fine motor, visual motor, activities of daily living & sensory needs that impact academic participation & performance. OT also aids in obtaining assistive technology to increase in-class participation.
  • Physical Therapy – provides therapy to maintain, improve or restore your students’ functioning, including gross motor development, ambulation, balance and coordination in various settings, including but not limited to the classroom, gym, bathroom, playground, staircase and transitions between classes.
  • Counseling – designed to improve social and emotional functioning in the areas of appropriate school behavior, discipline, self­ control, conflict resolution if your child is experiencing difficulty interacting appropriately with adults or peers, withdrawal or acting out, low self-esteem or poor coping skills that significantly interfere with learning.


Academic Intervention Supports & Services

  • Assistant Teachers are hired to help in every Kindergarten classroom (Contingent upon available funding. )
  • Early Risers morning program for 1st grade student this year –students whom teachers feel could benefit from extra small group instruction.
  • Related Services are at times available as an Academic Intervention based on each provider’s schedule of availability.