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Primary Science, Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grades.

In the primary science classes students learn, through hands on exploration, the experiences needed to understand and explain science concepts as they grow through their science years.  They learn about matter, talk about the properties and how the properties of different matter help us. They make close observations of animals, plants and learn about the inter-relationships we share with them.  They make connections between what they learn in the classroom and the world around us.  Our PS 29 Children’s Garden serves as an outdoor classroom where students learn about insects, the lifecycle of plants and how plants grow.  By growing vegetables, they gain an appreciation for the food they eat and are often eager to taste what they harvest. We strive to instill a respect for all living things.  Through our inquiry based learning students are asking and answering questions on what they are learning in our different units.


Kindergarten Curriculum

First Grade Curriculum

Second Grade Curriculum

Have you seen our Tower Garden in the cafeteria?

garden towern
PS 29 received a grant from the WITS (Wellness in the Schools) program to purchase a Tower Garden® Vertical Aeroponic Growing System.  This system uses Aeroponics to grow vegetables.  Aeroponics is a way of growing plants using air or a mist environment without the use of soil.  This Tower is in the cafeteria and the lettuce has been growing and looks so healthy! This indoor tower garden is a great addition to our outdoor garden. It will provide opportunity for hands on learning during science but also will enrich our discussions on sustainability.  During this first cycle we are growing lettuce and learning together with our students how the tower works.  During our next cycle students will be choosing from a variety of seeds what to grow.

PS.29 John Harrigan School in Brooklyn Awarded Eco-Schools USA Green Flag for Exceptional Sustainability Leadership

P.S. 29 John Harrigan School in Brooklyn, NY was recognized with the Green Flag by National Wildlife Federation’s Eco-Schools USA program for conserving natural resources and integrating environmental education into the curriculum. P.S. 29 is the sixth school in New York City, and the 39th in the country, to achieve “Green Flag” status. Eco-Schools USA is designed to raise environmental awareness, reduce school waste and costs, foster student leadership and boost academic achievement.  Read whole story here.