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Research and Technology

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Hour of Code at PS 29! December 7th-11th 2015

Led by Ms. Sperry, PS 29 is participating once again in the hour of code this year!  Please find some useful resources below compiled by Ms. Sperry here and the Technology committee’s list of grade specific resources below.  Thanks to parent Allisyn Levy for compiling this list.

Coding Apps for K-3:
The Foos – free
Hopscotch – free
Scratch Jr. – free
Coding Websites for K-3:
Run Marco – available in 20 languages!
Gamestar Mechanic Jr. – geared towards ages 6 – 9. requires students creating a 4 letter login & using a password
Scratch Jr. – geared towards ages 5 – 7. avaiable on Google Play
Coding Websites for 3rd – 5th
Code Studio – includes games for all ages. each starts with a short 2 min. video & then a game challenge is a great resource for additional resources