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STEAM & Enrichment Committee

Teacher & Parent Contact:  Susannah Sperry  Teacher & Parent Contact: Kim Van Duzer


The STEAM & Enrichment Committee works to: 1) help teachers explore ways of using technology in the classroom 2) provides enrichment to our students through activities such as brown bag lunches and cool clusters 3) incorporates STEAM and Maker Space activities into library periods, and 4) provides workshops and support to help parents navigate the world of technology and social media with their children.  Please contact us to learn more.


After our talk in March on Parenting in the Digital Age with Nancy Jo Sales, many parents came to us asking if we could do a follow up event. In response to this, a group of us from the Technology Committee decided to follow up with a Parenting Circle about Parenting in the Digital Age. The idea was to have a parenting circle where we could share our ideas and concerns. The outcome of that conversation confirmed that there is a growing concern about the prevalence of screens in our lives and our children’s lives and we are all as parents trying to learn how we can monitor, supervise, teach (and learn) self-regulation in our use of screens.

With this in mind, parent Debbie Meisenzahl had the idea of having a Screen Free Challenge! Take the Challenge! Download the Challenge Form Here…  Screen Free Challenge Form

Resources for Parents

These resources have been compiled by PS 29 parents and the Technology Committee.  Thank you to Betsy Wagner, Allisyn Levy, Debbie Meisenzahl and parent coordinator Monica Gutierrez Kirwan.


SCREEN TIME    They have a good newsletter you can subscribe to.  They have a good newsletter you can subscribe to.
FRESH AIR INTERVIEW — “THE RISE OF ADDICTIVE TECHNOLOGY” (or download it via your podcast app)
My favorite factoid from the interview: In the last ten years, our attention span has decreased from 12 seconds to 8 seconds….which is one second less than…A GOLDFISH!