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Class Parents

PS29 Class Parents | What would we do without you?

The role of the class parent is to support and build community within the classroom and to serve as a liaison between the classroom families, the classroom teachers, and the Parent and Teachers Association (PTA). Class parents help to make every family at PS29 feel connected to our community. Serving as a class parent is an excellent opportunity to connect to your child’s class and to be involved in both the classroom and student/family community. Ideally, every class will have two class parents.

Responsibilities of the Class Parent Include:

  • Maintaining and Distributing Class Directory
  • Organizing Class Potluck Dinner
  • Classroom Events/Communications
  • Disseminating PTA communications
  • Informing parents about PTA events and opportunities to volunteer
  • Attending Class Parent Meetings 
  • Attending PTA and/or SLT Meetings

Resources for Class Parents:

Class Parent Guidelines

Class Parent Details

Classroom Snack Guidlines

2017-18 PTA Events Calendar




If you have any questions about the role and expectations of class parents, please contact: