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Meet Ms. Leah’s New Baby Boy

Evan Zev Barash sleeping peacefully.

By Marley DeFilippis (4-521)

One of P.S. 29’s most beloved teachers hasn’t been around much lately. That’s because third-grade teacher, Ms. Leah Brunski, had a baby this fall! Her baby’s name is Evan Zev Barash, but the family calls him Bear.

Evan was born on October 31, 2017–Halloween afternoon—at 4:05 pm. Ms. Leah told me the day of his birth was a bit of a surprise as his due date wasn’t until mid-November.  But, she was ready for him!

She reports that he is a big crier at bath time, and when he gets his diaper changed. He also loves to eat! When I asked if he was cute, Ms. Leah noted that she was totally biased, but, yes, she said, “he’s very cute.” Looking at the photos, we can tell she’s not wrong!

Congratulations to Ms. Leah and her husband, Nadi. We hope she’ll come visit P.S. 29 soon, and give Bear his first tour around the school.

Mother and son huddling on one of Evan’s first forays into the outside world.


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