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Lice Removal Resources


Lice have been bugging (pardon the pun) humans for millions of years. And they bug us at PS29, so we conduct school-wide lice check twice a year as a way to prevent a large lice outbreak at the school.

We partner with the NY Lice Out team. They have helped PS29 dramatically reduce the number of lice cases, and have worked with families who do have lice to help them be lice free. Rozie Tawil, founder of NY Lice Out, joined the February PTA meeting to give a demonstration on what to look for, how to properly comb out + treat, and prevent future cases.

Here are the products NY Lice Out recommends:

To help keep us all lice-free, check out these resources:

If you aren’t up for treating lice at home, feel free to contact any of these organizations who can treat lice:


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