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A Peek at PS 29

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Fall Cool Clusters for 1st and 2nd Grades


PS 29’s Harvest Week 

So many activities and so much learning happened during Harvest week!
Pre-K learned how angora is made using fur from a bunny, Kidergartners learned about corn and had hands-on learning about the process from making the masa to making and cooking tortillas, 1st graders learned about the world of bees, from collecting nectar to making honey, 2nd Graders sifted through soil from the compost to learn about what is compostable and what is not. Our 3rd graders learned about how many miles our fruits and vegetables travel to get to us and learned about the benefits of eating locally grown produce. Our 4th graders learned how to design a one foot vegetable garden in an urban setting. And our 5th graders learned how to make smoothies using seasonal fruits and vegetables.


Drum Roll!!  

Posted May 19th, 2014

Check out how much fun our third graders are having during their drumming class! Here they are with teacher Kewesi Imani who comes to PS 29 as part of our BAM collaboration (Brooklyn Academy of Music).

Drum Roll!! from PS 29 Video on Vimeo.

A buzzing, busy school!

The last few weeks have been very busy weeks at PS 29: The 3rd Graders had a few weeks of healthy exercise during their Running Club at lunch time, PS 29 hosted its annual Super Science Saturday, we had an exciting STREB presentation in the auditorium, 4th graders showed off their beautiful research projects, and urban city art was created in Ms. A’ art class.  Take a peek in this slideshow.
Photos by Ms. A, parent Nicolas Houselog and Monica Gutierrez-Kirwan

Inside Ms. Mollie’s Drama Room  

Posted February 14th, 2014

If you haven’t had a chance to meet Ms. Mollie Lief, here is your chance to peek into her Drama Room. On a recent visit to her room, third graders started their class by practicing stretching exercises to the tune of relaxing music. They were studying their Fractured Fairy Tale unit. After they finished stretching, they chose a fairy tale to be “adapted”.

They broke into groups to discuss how they could change the following elements in a fairytale; character, setting, time, point of view, conflict or change the ending. They could also choose to change one important item of the plot, such as changing Cinderella’s slipper.

What a wonderful way to use your imagination! Thank you Ms. Mollie!



Peer Mediation at PS 29 has started!

Posted on January 26, 2014

As you know from Rebecca’s message, our Peer Mediation program is off to a great start. I had the pleasure of stopping by the Peer Mediation room and talking to some of our peer mediators; Hannah Thompson, Maybelle Keyser-Butson, Sebastian Klein, Alexa Defilippis, and Anastasia Morris. They all seemed more than excited to be participating in this program. I also had a chance to chat briefly with Ms. Roseanne who is leading the Peer Mediation sessions. They have just started, but already seem like veterans at this! Here is an excerpt from my conversation with them:

M: What is the responsibility of a mediator?

Alexa: To help other people solve problems….hmm.., well, not to solve the problem for them, but to help them come to a solution.

M: How do yo help them?

Anastasia: Well,  we ask them if either of them have a solution.  If they do, we ask if they both agree.  If they both say yes, then we have a solution.   If they say no, then we go to creative questioning.

M: What is creative questioning? Can you give me an example?

Anastasia: Well, one of them is, Can you understand how the other person feels?

M: Do you like doing this work?

Alexa: Yes, because it’s helping other people.

Anastasia: Same for me.

M: Do you mind giving up your recess time?

Anastasia and Alexa together: No, not at all!

M: Sebastian do you like doing this?

Sebastian: I love it! I like helping other people solve problems and it’s really interesting.

M: What’s your favorite part of being a mediator?

Sebastian: Solving people’s problems and making them happy.

Maybelle: I really like helping people and it is really fun.

Hannah: I like helping people too.